My Journey: Reflecting on Why I Left the Vineyard Church

Why I Left the Vineyard Church


Joining a church community is a deeply personal and spiritual experience. For many, it becomes a source of support, guidance, and inspiration. However, that was not the case for me when I was a member of the Vineyard Church. In this article, I will recount my personal journey and explore the reasons why I ultimately made the difficult decision to leave.

1. Initial Appeal

When I first encountered the Vineyard Church, I was drawn to its charismatic worship, energetic community, and emphasis on personal relationships with God. The church was known for its vivid worship experiences, where members could express their devotion and connect with the divine in a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

2. Questioning Doctrine

Over time, as my involvement in the Vineyard Church deepened, I began to question some of the church’s core doctrines. The church’s teachings on spiritual gifts and the supernatural, while initially intriguing, started to feel inconsistent and lacking in solid biblical grounding. Personal experiences and emotional responses were often elevated above sound theological principles, which left me feeling unsure about the validity and reliability of the teachings.

3. Power Dynamics and Manipulation

One aspect that deeply troubled me within the Vineyard Church was the presence of power dynamics and manipulation. While charismatic leaders can be inspiring, it became evident that a select few individuals held an unhealthy amount of control and authority. This resulted in a top-down structure where dissenting opinions were discouraged, and conformity was strongly emphasized.

4. Lack of Accountability

In addition to the concerns about power dynamics, I also observed a lack of accountability within the Vineyard Church. The leadership seemed to operate without adequate checks and balances, which created an environment where questionable decisions and behavior went unchecked. This lack of transparency and willingness to address issues head-on left me feeling disillusioned and disconnected from the community.

5. Discrepancies in Community Values

As I became more involved in the Vineyard Church, I noticed a disconnect between the community’s stated values and their actual practices. While the church preached inclusivity, love, and acceptance, I saw instances where some individuals within the community were excluded or treated differently based on their backgrounds, beliefs, or practices. This hypocrisy was difficult to reconcile, and it eroded my trust in the authenticity of the community.

6. Narrow Focus on Worship

Worship was undoubtedly a significant aspect of the Vineyard Church. However, I noticed that there was a lack of emphasis on other essential elements of faith such as biblical teaching, discipleship, and social justice. While worship is an essential expression of faith, the imbalance felt limiting and narrow in its scope. I yearned for a more holistic spiritual experience that encompassed a broader range of Christian practices and values.

7. The Decision to Leave

After careful consideration and numerous conversations, I made the difficult decision to leave the Vineyard Church. While my time within the community had its positive moments, the overall climate and troubling issues I observed outweighed the benefits for me. I decided to seek a new church community where I could find a better balance of sound doctrine, accountability, inclusivity, and a broader focus on Christian faith.


Leaving a church community can be a challenging and emotional experience. In my journey with the Vineyard Church, I encountered theological doubts, power dynamics, lack of accountability, discrepancies in community values, and a narrow focus on worship. These factors ultimately led me to seek a more balanced and authentic spiritual community. It is crucial to remember that everyone’s experience is unique, and while the Vineyard Church might not have been the right fit for me, it might be a fulfilling and meaningful community for others.