Where to Go After Church of the Good Chalice

Congratulations on defeating the Blood-starved Beast at the Church of the Good Chalice in Bloodborne! Now that you’ve accomplished this challenging boss fight, you may be wondering where to go next in the game. In this article, we will explore some possible options and areas for you to continue your journey in the world of Bloodborne.

1. Healing Church Workshop:

One possible direction to take after the Church of the Good Chalice is to head to the Healing Church Workshop. To reach this area, you need to descend from the Cathedral Ward. Look for a door near the Cathedral Ward lamp that should now be open. Enter the door and fully descend the Healing Church Workshop. Here, you will find new challenges and enemies to face as you explore the area and uncover its secrets.

2. Forbidden Woods:

Another option is to explore the Forbidden Woods, which is located in the Cathedral Ward area. To reach the Forbidden Woods, you will need a password that can be obtained after defeating Vicar Amelia. Once you have the password, you can open the door leading to the Forbidden Woods. This area offers a labyrinthine environment filled with enemies and hidden treasures to discover.

3. Byrgenwerth:

Byrgenwerth is another location you can visit after the Church of the Good Chalice. It is accessed through the Forbidden Woods area. After navigating the Forbidden Woods, you will eventually reach a lake with a large building in the distance. This is Byrgenwerth, a place of great significance to the game’s lore. Exploring this area will provide you with important story revelations and new challenges to overcome.

4. Hemwick Charnel Lane:

Hemwick Charnel Lane is another location that can be visited after the Church of the Good Chalice. You can reach this area by going through either the Cathedral Ward or Forbidden Woods. Hemwick Charnel Lane is a dark and eerie place filled with witches and other formidable enemies. Exploring this area will lead you to new bosses and unlock new paths for your character’s progression.

5. Cathedral Ward:

Returning to the Cathedral Ward after the Church of the Good Chalice can also provide you with new opportunities. This central hub area holds many secrets and pathways that were previously inaccessible. By re-exploring the Cathedral Ward, you may uncover new routes, NPCs, and items that will aid you on your journey.

6. Advanced Chalice Dungeons:

If you are looking for even greater challenges and rewards, you can delve into the advanced Chalice Dungeons. These procedurally generated dungeons offer new enemies, bosses, and loot. By progressing through the Chalice Dungeons, you can acquire powerful weapons, armor, and other valuable items that will greatly enhance your character’s capabilities.

These are just a few suggestions of where you can go after defeating the Blood-starved Beast at the Church of the Good Chalice in Bloodborne. The game offers a vast and interconnected world filled with mysteries and dangers. Explore and experiment to find the path that suits your playstyle and interests the most. Remember, every decision and action you take in Bloodborne has consequences, so be prepared for unforeseen challenges and surprises along the way. Good luck, hunter!